November 27, 2016

Online Coaching

Are you trying to get a meaningful job, grow your career or support the business development and marketing department of your company? If yes, do you have a concrete, time efficient way to strategically build trust into the right relations? The relations that can help you reach your goals? We believe this is vital. If you don't, please forget this page; we have really cool articles for you to read here.

After years of experience in the sector we have learned how to support your business or career. We can help you develop a personalized plan to take advantage of both soft skills and recent advancements in digital tools and platforms in order to achieve your goals. To do that, we took into account 5 different areas:

  • Digital tools - networking has changed the last 3 years with the inclusion of new applications, platforms and integrations that can support someone’s networking abilities, efficiency and reach. Most people do not know that they can have daily 10s of recruiters or potential clients checking their LinkedIn profile by spending two minutes and 50 cents per day, or that they can automatically collect valuable information about their contacts. Or that they can find out who from their network is talking with whom over email to ask for introductions. Some people do not even know what are the questions you need to ask every time you are visiting the social profile of a potential contact. We put everything together. 

  • Automation - if the goal is to create and maintain networking relations you need to be able to reach and help as many people as possible in a meaningful and time efficient way. You want to create traction, not only to reach out. Digital automation, digital branding and marketing can help you do that, both faster and easier. Once again, broken down into simple, actionable steps.

  • Step by step soft skills and methodologies - pitching, storybranding, clarity, body language, social dynamics and effective communication are your necessary tools. But complexity is the enemy of execution. We decided to break down each area of development into simple actionable items with a clear methodology supporting them so we can help you develop those skills one by one.

  • Productivity - your time is limited, it is not possible to spend hours each day creating and maintaining relations. We can help you understand how to manage your network in a time efficient way,

  • Habit creation - if it does not become a habit it needs effort and you will stop applying what you learned with us, which leads to lower networking results. We attack this issue by applying habit creation techniques.

Before we start, we would like to help you understand if our services are actually for you. To do that, we would like to hear what are you trying to achieve, your vision and most importantly, your challenges. Drop us a message and we will answer to you in two business days. No need for big texts, we just need to understand the basic idea. We will get into details later. Let's talk!

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