November 17, 2016

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Who do we serve and How:

We help companies and individuals grow their business, get more clients and partners or boost their career by building trust into professional relations.

Feel free to ask us how we can help you grow your business or career here.

This section is for professionals who are dissatisfied with their:

  • Existing access to decision makers and influencers of their industry
  • Difficulty to extract valuable information and proposals from their existing network
  • Incapability to influence the right quality and amount of people to boost their business or career forward.
  • Lack of a community willing to help them promote their products or services.

Our services include a complete package that provides a deep assessment of the current condition of your network, a full tutorial on how to grow and strengthen your network by learning how to visualize it and a personalized development plan to help you take advantage of both soft skills and recent advancements in digital tools and platforms in order to support your business or career. Additional services as group workshops, training, public speaking and events can be found below.

If you are challenged with a specific problem drop us an email and tell us about it.  We will get back to you with our proposals.

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Additional Services*

*(that we feel extremely proud about)

  • Public Speaking - do you want an engaging, motivational speaker to get your event participants ready and excited about networking with each other? We love public speaking, we love inspiring people.
  • Events Networking Umbrella - when you leave an event feeling that you met all the right people to help you with your business or your career, how do you feel? Why not make it easy for your participants to create meaningful connections and discover business and career opportunities easier during your event? We have a full pre-, during- and after- event package that will change completely the way people interact during your event, making it a true interactive experience
  • Business Groups Workshops - Do you run or are a part of a small business group? We have great small duration workshops to improve each member's ability to promote each other's business
  • Students & Young Professionals Start Your Career Workshops - Starting your career can be difficult. We want to make it exciting. Starting at the right position for you, doing what you always loved to do. The right employers know that skills can be learned. It is the attitude that matters. We are here to help you get to those right employers. Wanna join us

Get in touch with us and let's build something exciting together!

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What makes us different

Unlike most services out there which either just provide training in soft skills or help you with your online presence we decided to give you an integrated solution that combines:

  • Productivity - the customer’s time is limited, it is not possible to spend hours each day creating and maintaining relations,
  • Habit creation - if it does not become a habit it needs effort and usually the person stops applying what he learned, which leads to lower networking results,
  •  Step by step soft skills and methodologies - complexity is the enemy of execution, so each area of development is broken down to simple actionable items with a clear methodology supporting them,
  • Digital tools - networking has changed the last 3 years with the inclusion of new applications, platforms and integrations that can support someone’s networking abilities, efficiency and reach and
  • Automation - if the goal is to create and maintain strong networking relations you need to be able to reach and help as many people as possible in a meaningful and efficient way and digital automation can help you do that, both faster and easier.

Still thinking about it? We would love to understand if there is a way to empower you to create the right connections.

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