May 21, 2017

Landing your Dream Job: the book

Companies we worked with, gave trainings to or helped people get a job in

Can a selected fact regarding your country of origin help you land your dream job?

Can a free platform help you get more interviews than ever before, automatically?

In a job market that is becoming more and more competitive, is it possible that answering one simple question about the interviewer can differentiate you from all the other interviewees?

And most importantly, can you get your dream job while enjoying the process?

Dimitris Bronowski, CEO of Networks of Influence and Regional Director of the Kairos fund (11M$) and society, claims that the answer is not only "yes", but "yes, and the steps are simple and learnable".

Landing your Dream Job: No CVs. No Cover Letters is a masterclass in modern day job search, which joins years of experience in the field of professional development and combines it with elemental principles taught by Tony Robbins (Chairman of Tony Robbins Holdings), Keith Ferrazzi (CEO of Ferrazzi Greenlight), Robert Cialdini (President at Influence at Work) and others.


You see, the last years we have seen a transformation in the job market. Getting a job that you love and makes you feel happy has become a target that is getting more difficult to reach. You have probably already spent hours sending CVs and cover letters, trying to be just a little bit better than the other applicants, with minimum results. Having already helped hundreds of clients land their dream job in companies such as Google and Amazon, the author decided to collect a set of success strategies that can be learned fast, duplicated and applied by you, as long as you have decided that you want not just "a" job, but your dream job.

If this is you, then join the author and find out how you can combine digital tools, simple soft skills hacks and tested strategies to land your dream job without sending a single CV or cover letter. Find the answers to questions such as:

1) how to get a job from the people who cannot give you one

2) how to flirt with a company, get more interviews than ever before and boost your interviews' success rates

3) how to engage the interviewers, become memorable, get high quality introductions and differentiate yourself against all other candidates

4) how to reach almost anyone in the world and get noticed by the right people.

If you had enough of not getting the meaningful job that you are looking for and have decided that different approaches can bring you the different results you want, take your chances with this small but packed with actionable advises book and get ready for a wonderful professional future.

Connect with the right people that can help you get the role that you deserve.

Enjoy the process while getting access to more job opportunities.

Understand how to present yourself as the perfect candidate.

Combine digital tools & platforms and soft skills to land your dream job.

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