January 15, 2017

Your questions

Are you looking for a job? Or will you be looking in a period of up to two years from now?

Having difficulty to find the right job, getting interviews or doing well during one?  Maybe you are not sure where to look or how to get help? Then you are in the right place! I would love to answer your questions to help you land a job that you love!

Having studied multiple areas (communication, networking, sales, digital marketing, traditional marketing, recruitment, relations, personal branding, public speaking, body language etc) I am helping people all around the world find jobs they love and getting hired. I love to help people but I need your help to continue. I need your questions. Once I have your questions, I can dig into my experience and books, do the research necessary, talk with experts in the field and come up with hacks and tips to help you. To understand better what kind of questions I answer take a look at a big collection of articles answering different questions at The How to Get a Job blog. More articles are already scheduled to be posted so stay tuned!

Use this form to send me your questions!

I am looking forward!

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