November 9, 2016


How to get a job that I love?

This is the question this blog is going after. To answer that question you will find a series of articles that will give you small little tricks and hacks that can get you hired a lot faster from the companies that you would love to work in.

Before you start reading I propose one specific way to read the blog. First consider in which stage you are. Are you going to start searching for a job in a year from now or you have an interview next week? Or maybe you just had an interview and want to know what is the best way to follow up. Decide. Then, choose the most appropriate category. You will find four:

Find interviews and opportunitiesPrepare for an interviewDuring the interview and After the interview (coming soon).

Select the one that better fits your current stage but make sure to take a look on the others too; sometimes you can find tricks that you can use in multiple stages. 

Before you start your journey reading the articles, if you have a specific question that you would love to get answered to help you find a job submit it here and I will do my best to give you a couple of hacks as fast as possible to help you!

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