November 17, 2016

Static Network Assessment

Most people do not leverage their professional network to boost their career or the business development/marketing capacity of their company because they do not understand it. Do you understand your network? To find out, ask yourself: What is my current use mindset? How do I consistently leverage the trust I have built? What is the positioning of my current contacts? Do I have an overview of their function, their diversity and depth? Is my network scalable? How strong is my access to networks and am I leveraging enough my position? Do I know how to create traction to bring the right people to me?
This assessment is designed to answer these and more questions. What will you get? A full report of the results of the assessment and if you choose to do so, a free additional online session to get personalized advises.

(Disclaimer: you can have access to the call only after your survey results are analyzed and delivered)