How to network during Web Summit (or other entrepreneurial events)- The Investors’ list technique  

How to Network during Web Summit

My name is Dimitris Bronowski (Dimitris with an “s” at the end, which makes me Greek, not Russian) and this is my promise: in this blog post you will find one technique that will make 95% of the people you meet in Web Summit to want to continue talking with you after, give you their contact information and look forward to your next email. How am I going to do that? By providing you with a list that everybody wants and giving you a simple 20 seconds technique that you can apply right away and see the results. Cool? Ok, Web Summit is here, and you have your ticket. I live in Lisbon for the last four years (working 10 meters away from Web Summit's office), so I know how exciting this is. Now, let’s ask a question:

What is the #1 goal when you meet for the first time someone during Web Summit?

You see most people do not understand what their goal is, so they have no idea if they had a successful first contact or not. You usually have only one opportunity, and you do not want to mess it up.

When you meet a person, your #1 goal is to find a reason to -valuably- follow up. This must be your #1 goal for every interaction during Web Summit. If you have a reason to follow up, then you can continue the communication in a more favorable environment, under your terms and after being better prepared for it. I will explain how to do that.

Your #2 goal is to make yourself likable, engaging and memorable. You want people to feel good around you, you want people to pay attention to what you say, and you want to make sure they remember you. There is a process for that that you can find below.

Your #3 goal is to make sure that you have everything you need to turn that first contact into a valuable relation. Relations take time, and you just started one. You need to be sure that the follow-up communication will be simple, easy and expected. Technology can be a great friend for that.

In order to help you do that, I decided to give you access for free to a list of Investors (VCs, Business Angels, Company Builders, Crowdfunding Related, Angel Groups, etc and I will explain how to use it to build your network) and 7 chapters (FREE) of the second edition of my book about professional networking (you can find both the list and the chapters here). The chapters will help you understand exactly

  • how to find the contact information of almost anybody in the world
  • what is the one question you need to answer to create a strong connection with someone
  • how to engage people and make them pay attention to you
  • how to become unforgettable during conversations
  • how to build trust with a lot of people
  • how to understand a company and
  • how to make the right stories about you come up naturally.

Now, why the list to the European Investors? The link to this huge list of European investors will be extremely useful for you. This list will be interesting to 95% of the participants of Web Summit and will be your way to contact them again and build a real relation. And here is how to do it:

The Investors’ list technique

Since you are going to be in an event where Startups will be all around you, I suggest to always discuss the list of the European investors I mentioned above (get it here). People would like to have it, and now you have a reason to –valuably- follow up. All you need to say when you meet a person that you want to keep a connection with is: “Hey, I have a list of investors, would you like me to send it over? I think it can help you. Where should I send it to?”. They will be happy to give you their contact information and listen from you again. Done. That's it. Try it. People will be immediately grateful for your help, and you have a great reason to meet again with them.

But it doesn’t have to be only that. Once you get the first list, look for my emails. I will send you more things that you can use to network better and easier, to grow your business or your career.

Another way you can follow up is by introducing them to a person from your network that can help them. Once you have done that, then you have planted a seed for a meaningful relation. A few days after you can follow up, asking for a quick meeting or Skype call regarding their company, their needs or their investment philosophy. The environment now will be a lot more favorable. For more info on how to structure emails and their titles before sending them make sure to check the guides How to make them open your emails and How to write the right first message (get them here).

Last, one of my favorite ways to help people is by sending them summaries of books they might enjoy. I have a list of about 200 summaries of business and personal development books, so every time I meet someone that might enjoy them, I send them over. I will send you some so you can play with that technique (just make sure that I have your contact information)

Do YOU have a favorite way to network with people? Let me know in the comments!

Dimitris Bronowski

Building Trust into Professional Relations

Founder of Networks of Influence

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