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You are passionate about entrepreneurship, ready to change the world, eager to work in a fast paced environment full of unconventional challenges. If this is you, then chances are that you either want to build your own startup or you want to work in one. This article will show you a quick hack to build relations inside the startups that you want to work with.

Let’s start with a quick question: what do most startups need? If you said investment, you did the right thing. Startups need investment. And they spend hours and days looking for investors that can help them. What if someone (you!) could save them those hours? And what if you can do it by spending only 2 minutes of your own time? People like people that help them, that provide value. You are going to be that person.

This is what I am going to show you. And there is an easy way to do it and a not-so-easy, but both work miracles. The only thing you will need is a list of investors that you can find here.

The not-so-easy way

First step: go online and find events were entrepreneurs and people working in startups meet.  You can use pages like Eventbrite or Meetups.

Second step: go to the events and whenever you talk with someone ask them if they are looking for funding. If they say yes, then just say: “Well, I have a list of investors with contact information. If you give me an email I can send it over”. That’s it. They will be happy to send you their contact information and you will have a way to contact them and provide value.

Third step: send them the list (you can find it at the end). Wait a week, and then send them a second email asking them to go out for a coffee and discuss what their startup is doing. If you are not good in these kinds of discussions, just check the article How to get a job by flirting with a company that you will find in the same folder of the list.

The easy way

First step: go on LinkedIn and send 50 connection requests to different employees or executives of the startups you want to work in. Make sure to make a list of their names and their links on LinkedIn.

Second step: When they accept your connection request ask them to schedule a quick Skype call with you, because you are interested in what their startup is doing. For a template that you can use during this first contact check the article How to get a job by sending the right first message that you will find together with the list. During the conversation, ask them if they are looking for funding. And then move on with the steps 2 and 3 mentioned in the not-so-easy way.

That’s it. You are approaching people by providing value; you build a good relationship and one week after you are having a coffee with them under good terms.

Take the list and start building the relations you need:

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