What can undergraduates do for business networking?

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Networking needs to be demystified.

First of all, you can create a powerful network while still being a student. Second of all, it is not complex or something that you need to have a talent for. It can be taught.

There are a lot of successful strategies but I will just give you a quick one. If you apply the following strategy you will be able to create a powerful network of people who can help you land your dream job or build your own company when you need them. Most importantly, it is a proven method that you can repeat as many times as you wish. You will find out how to use an automation extension that will bring the people you want to your LinkedIn profile and then you will find out how to create a real connection with them.

For more advanced techniques check Landing your dream job: No CVs. No Cover Letters. 

The strategy

  1. Create a LinkedIn profile (if you don’t have one)
  2. Install Duxsoup (it is a chrome extension) and create a free account here: Scheduling appointments and meetings is super easy with Calendly.
  3. Join the groups that the type of people you want to meet are in.
  4. Go to the members page of the group.
  5. Click on the Duxsoup button (it will automatically visit other people’s profiles). 3–6% of the people from the visited profiles will send you a connection request when they see that “you” visited their profiles.
  6. To those who send you a connection request, and if they are interesting for you, respond: “Hey! Thanks for sending me the connection request. I checked your profile and it seems very interesting. Would you like to schedule a quick 15 minutes call to ask you {insert topic of conversation}? You seem like the right person to help me. You can just click here {insert calendly link} and you can schedule a time of your convenience. Looking forward!”
  7. Copy paste this message to every connection request that you find interesting.
  8. When you get on the first call with them make them like you by applying the techniques found in the following two articles: How to get a job by answering one simple question about the interviewer - Networks of influence and How to get a job by flirting with a company - Networks of influence.
  9. That’s it. Your network we’ll start to grow faster than you can imagine.

For more info on how to build a strong professional network while still a student take a look at Landing your dream job: No CVs. No Cover Letters.

Have a wonderful day!


This article is part of the book:

Landing your dream job: No CVs. No Cover Letters.

Full book available here

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