How to get a job by becoming memorable during conversations

How to get a job by becoming memorable during conversations will help you learn how to make sure you are not losing opportunities because people you once met forgot who you are. In an interesting twist it will also help you to increase the response rate of your emails when you ask people to help you answer your main question: How to get a job that I love?

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It all starts with a simple observation: we all have some kind of interaction with at least one new person each day. Some of us interact with more than ten new people. That means that by the end of three years we will have met well above a thousand individuals. How many of them do you remember? How many of them, if they send you an email, you will be able to recognize by name?

Here is the thing: probably they don’t remember you either. How many times have you hit it off with someone that can help you with your career during an event, only to send an email few days after and never get a response?

Unless you say or do something unique most people forget about you. Be unique!

How to get a job by becoming memorable during conversations main

This is easier said than done right? I have news. With the right preparation it actually gets trivial. Imagine you meet someone during an event that works in a company you are interested in, you talk for a while and then you say goodbye. Was that a fruitful conversation?

First thing you need to ask yourself is if during the discussion you managed to become memorable to the person you were talking to. Can he identify you if he listens to your name?  Did you make it easy for him to remember? As an example, when I meet new people and it is time to identify myself, the conversation goes something like:

-Hey, my name is Jason Peterson.

-Hello, I am Dimitris Bronowski.

-Weird name. Where do you come from?

-Well, it is “Dimitris” with an “s” at the end. When that happens it means it is a Greek name, not a Russian. Russians don’t have the “s”.

-So you come from Greece?

-Actually, I laugh, it is even worse than that. I have the most incompatible dual nationality. I am half Greek, half German. (Pause till I see a small laugh appearing in their mouth). Yes, it happens (making a referral to the popular belief that German people are hard workers and productive as opposed to the, supposedly, lazy Greeks).

The effects of this conversation? Multiple.

First thing, I made them think about my name in an analytical way which has been shown to increase memorability. I have actually people sending me emails after this, writing in the title “Hey Dimitris with an ‘s’…”. If it is me that sends the email, I make sure I put my name in the title, sometimes even writing as -Dimitri’s’-. This way I am sure they remember me. So, stop for a moment and think, is there a story behind your name, is it uncommon somehow? Or, even if your name is John Smith in England or Peter Müller in Germany you can say something like:

-My name is John Smith, exactly as 1.26% of English population.

Make a story to support your introduction.

 What you accomplish by presenting yourself this way is that you give to the people you meet an easy conversation starter and make them laugh and feel good from the first moment they meet you. As has been said multiple times: People won’t remember what you said but they will remember how you made them feel. This is why I mentioned my Greek/German origin. People in Europe tend to laugh at that and I make it easy for them. Then, this gives a grip for a conversation that they can lead wherever they prefer, either on the bad side of the economy or the good, either to the seriousness of the situation or the funny part of it. It doesn’t matter where they want to take the conversation, if you allow them to express themselves you have reached your goal of becoming memorable.

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Now, when I send the first email, I make sure to include my name in the subject line so they can remember me. This way, the probability of someone opening the email is higher. For a checklist of what you should put on your emails’ headlines make sure to unlock the tips below.

Start thinking of how you usually introduce yourself and how do you make it easy for others to remember who you are just by reading your name. You can use this kind of thinking in many scenarios. For example, when someone asks you where do you come from or what do you do for a living, don’t just say “London” and “I work in Marketing”. Google “London” and find out a couple of cool facts. What would be the effect of saying “I come from the country that it is illegal to die inside one of their palaces”? or “I am one of the people that get fascinated by the fact that 58% of your audience will stop watching your video within the first 90 seconds.” Pause, let them get confused. “Marketing”. This way you put other people at ease and you give them a conversation starter to make the conversation roll easier. People can comment on the 90 seconds, or not. Let them choose what they want. This way they will feel great around you. People may forget who you are but they always remember how you made them feel.

But “what is the problem if people forget about you?” you may ask. I could create a whole list but I will just focus on two:

  1. If people forget about you, they will not contact you when a relevant for opportunity comes their way.
  2. If people forget you, they might even ignore answering your messages or even avoid reading them.

In both cases, you won’t be able to get valuable information you need to get a job that you want.

How to get a job by becoming memorable during conversations inline

Call to action – how to get a job that you love

  1. Google your name and see if you can find any interesting facts about it. You can even check the origin of your surname here. Is there a story you can put around that?
  2. Google “interesting facts about {your country or city}”. Select one that you find really strange or funny.
  3. Google “funny facts about {your profession}”.
  4. Create 3 unique introduction questions out of each of these facts.
  5. Start using whichever is more relevant in all your conversations from now.
  6. Check what makes people laugh and what follow up questions usually come up-you might be able to start promoting yourself in a very easy and natural way (for more info on how to build stories that promote you and your talents without it sounding like bragging check How to get a job by making the right stories come up naturally.
  7. When you follow up after the conversation make sure to include at the topic line of your email the interesting fact that you mentioned. This way even really busy people will remember who you are and your conversation and open the email. You are not just another email in their inbox. You become one of their fun memories.

Interested in introducing yourself in a unique way? This is how!

If you liked the article make sure to unlock below a checklist of the things you need to include in your email title when following up to make sure people will open your email and a simple way to know what to do when people do not answer your emails. Answering the question “how to get a job?” was never easier!

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This article is part of the book:

Landing your dream job: No CVs. No Cover Letters.

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