How to get a job by finding the contact information of the decision makers – 5+1 tools

How to get a job by finding the contact information of the decision makers will help you use digital tools, techniques and platforms to find the contact information of the people you want to reach. Not getting a business card after a discussion you had with a potential employer or person that can help you get a job shouldn’t be a problem for you. Even finding the email of people you haven’t actually met yet shouldn’t be a problem. Finding the contact information of 95% of the people on this planet is now trivial.Let’s see how you can get that information and how to get a job that you love by using it wisely.

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There are tools that can help you find emails if you know the LinkedIn link of a person, tools that can give you information about the social media of person when you know their email and platforms that you can use to contact people even if you are not connected with them and more. Let’s dive in.

Are you looking to find emails of people inside a company that you love? Just find out what is the domain name and input it in the search box of hunter. It will give you back all emails that have been publicly used somehow, sometime somewhere online. Imagine you are interested in working in Cisco. Just put in the search engine of hunter and a list of potential contacts and their emails comes right up? Cool huh?


Fullcontact is a contact management software, and it is an amazing one. It will search the internet for you and will show you the social media platforms your contacts are in. Next time you will receive an email from someone, or that you will decide to write one, you will get access to their social media links so you can know who you are talking to and more information about them that might be valuable for you.


Yeap, it is time to conspire. With this beautiful platform you can find out who knows whom and who can introduce you to them. Play around!


Do you have the LinkedIn link of your contact? Put it into rocketreach! It will search online to get you the email of the person. In some cases it can get you their professional emails, in some their personal. Once I got 4 different emails of the same person.


Ok. I know you know LinkedIn. Or at least I hope you do. This is a small trick for you to use that most people are unaware of. Imagine you want to contact someone from a company that can help you get a job there but you are not connected on LinkedIn so you cannot see his email. You sent a connection request but a week has passed and he did not accept. You did use rocketreach but its magic was not strong enough to land you that email. Despair not my friend! Thou shall find a loophole. You see, the only thing you need to do is to scroll down his LinkedIn page and go to the groups he belongs in. Find some that will definitely accept you and ask to join. Go for a coffee. Come back and check if you got accepted to some of them. You did? Great! Now, go to the member’s list of the group and search for your target’s name. Scroll over the name once it appears. A small message icon will appear on the side. You see, you can inmail contacts you are in the same group with. Now you can send him a message that could land you that job.

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Call to action – how to get a job that you love

  1. Test,,, and LinkedIn. Play around.
  2. Create a folder to bookmark those pages and save them all there. Next time you will have to search for someone just visit each one of them and see which can give you the answer you are looking for.

If you liked the article make sure to check below one extra tool that can give you an analysis of a company you like followed by key people working there and a small tip you need to keep in mind when using those tools. Answering the question “how to get a job?” was never easier!

If you are interested in a company mattermark can give you great insights. It can show you quick facts, scores, deals, key people and their positions, employee growth, web traffic and more. Use the list of key people to check them on LinkedIn and then either contact them from there or get their email from rocketreach.

At this point I would like to point your attention towards a specific topic. If you get the personal email of a person you have never met, then proceed with caution. If the person asks you how you got his email I propose to be sincere and tell them about the platform you used. People might get curious or defensive. By explaining that you used that platform they will realize you are not some kind of crazy stalker and they will learn about a valuable tool to get that information (extra points if you refer to for further info 🙂 ). Sometimes, you might even inform them in the first email itself about the tool. Leading with value is usually a good  thing.

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This article is part of the book:

Landing your dream job: No CVs. No Cover Letters.

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