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How to get a job by flirting with a company... a strategy that first came to my attention when talking with a very successful Googler (this is how people who work for Google like to call themselves). She was a young girl with an amazing career. Her first job was a managerial position in NIKE. A couple of cool jobs later, she was making her way up in Google. I noticed her profile on LinkedIn and I got in contact. I was curious to understand how someone can get out of the University and have right away such a professional path. “How did you do it? How did you find all these amazing positions and how did you managed to get hired for those roles?”, I asked.

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“I didn’t”, was her response. “Neither the positions nor the roles were there before me”. I got confused. “You see” she said “when I tried to answer the question how to get a job that I love I decided to flirt with companies. Even before I finished university I had regularly coffee with people who worked in three different companies I liked. I was asking about their current state, their struggles and challenges. I was asking about the things that went good and the things that went wrong. I asked about the culture, the people, the office. I visited them at their space of work, I met more people. Soon, people knew me and I knew them. Now, I have some things I love to do. I love to run, I love to motivate people and I love to get connected with the people around me. Plus, I have a thing about creating projects and events. Every time during the conversations I was having an idea about what I could do for the company I was writing it down. I made sure to write which of their problems I could solve while doing it. My list kept growing. By the time I finished university I had a huge list of things I could do. I put down the ones I felt more comfortable and capable doing and I made sure to write what problems I was solving and how they will make more money out of it. I specified my role in the company. And then I printed the proposal and went to the office. That was it. We talked a couple of times more, we improved the role description and I started working. It was just a natural consequence, not a struggle to find a job.”

Flirt with companies (tips on how to do it can be found below). Flirt till you know what their problems are and find a way to fix them. Now, exactly as in flirting, there are ways to do it right and there are ways to do it great. In order to increase your chances make sure to have a clear goal in your mind and to be consistent. Nothing kills a relationship easier than not being consistent. People cannot trust you and trust is the currency of business.

Call to action – how to get a job that you love

  1. Go online and make a list of the 10 more interesting companies you want to work with and rank them having the best one first and the worst one last
  2. Now select the 5 companies you had first. This is your focus.
  3. Go on LinkedIn and find 5 people from each company. Two of them should be people you will feel more or less comfortable talking to and three of them should be in high positions.
  4. Send them a connection request.
  5. Once they accept ask them if they have time for a quick 15 minutes call or coffee. You are interested in the company and you would like to understand what they do. Extra points if you mention that you find really interesting what they do and that this seems like an area you would like to work in. If you are not sure of how to structure the first message to make your chances of getting a positive response greater, check the chapter How to get a job by sending the right first message in the book Landing your Dream Job: No CVs. No Cover Letters. Now, if you feel like you are not great in small talk and in conversations you are not alone. I was feeling exactly like that. Then, I found out a small little book called How to Talk to Anyone: 92 Little Tricks For Big Success In Relationships written by a sweet lady called Leil Lowndes. Leil gives 92 amazing little tricks that you can try right away which will make people love you. I just started trying out the tricks I felt most comfortable with and my conversations changed in a wonderful way.
  6. Schedule the call or coffee if they answered or send a reminder one week later saying “This is just a reminder of my previous message. I would really like to talk with you. Please let me know”. Sometimes people need to know that you are serious about it so they do not respond the first time.
  7. Create a list of questions you would like to ask them and make sure that in the first call you focus on what they do. Do not ask for a job, do not ask for open positions, do not rush into proposing a role. Let the relation grow first.
  8. Follow up after the conversation and repeat a few weeks after. Following up is your responsibility. Let me repeat: following up is YOUR responsibility.
  9. Make sure after each conversation to write what you learned down as fast as possible. Otherwise you might forget.

How to get a job: a few extra tips

Make sure you bookmark all of the LinkedIn profiles of the people you follow so you can find them easier later. It will save you time and confusion.

If a person is not accepting you on LinkedIn the only thing you have to do to be able to send an Inmail to them is to become a member of one of the groups they are members in. Then just go to the list of the members, find them and LinkedIn will allow you to send them an Inmail. The Inmail button will appear when you move your pointer over the person’s name on the members’ list. For more ways to find the contact information of people you don’t know you can read the chapter How to get a job by managing to contact the right people in the book Landing your Dream Job: No CVs. No Cover Letters.

Find two people that are working in middle to high level positions in that company but in another country or city. Contact them as well and have a skype call. Then you can mention their names and functions when you talk with the locals. That will create an impression around you that you are connected with the organization in multiple ways. If they ask you how you know them, just say that you are interested in the company and for that reason you try to understand its functions both in local and international level.

Write down things also during the call or coffee. People like to feel that what they said is important and interesting to you. Make sure to mention “this is very interesting, I will write it down to remember”. People will feel good and will open up even more giving you valuable information.

This article is part of the book:

Landing your dream job: No CVs. No Cover Letters.

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