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How to get a job by asking three questions while flirting with a company” is focused on helping you know what information you need to ask whenever you meet with someone that works in a company you want to work in. In a previous article called How to get a job by flirting with a company I explained how to flirt with a company to get a job that you love (if you haven’t read it is not necessary but it will give you a more concrete way to apply this technique). In this article we will focus on the five things you need to know, because these will be the five things that will define how to answer the questions that you might receive during an interview. So let’s see them one by one:

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What is the stage of the business?

Are they looking to scale or to continue operations, are they looking to reduce costs or looking to build their brand? Maybe they are just trying to survive. You need to know the stage of a business if you want to get a job there. If they look to scale they need a guy who likes to create scale-able structures and be good in project management and maybe automation. If they are trying to reduce costs they need a guy who loves efficiency. If they are trying to survive they might look with a guy who comes with solutions or a network that can help them. By knowing the stage you can know what to focus on during the interviews and what your stories should focus on.

What are the current challenges?

What are they struggling with right now? What is their pain everyday they go to work? Can you alleviate that? Then you have a reason to get a job in that company.

What one year from now looks like? 5 years from now?

What are their goals? What are they targeting at? If you know that then you can think of how you can help them get there, which of your personal characteristics and traits are relevant? Focus on those when you have the interview and you will know how to land that job.

How do they measure success?

This is one of my favorites. If they are building a brand do they care about how many followers they have, or how big is the ratio of engaged followers over all followers? Maybe they already have 100k followers but only 10 retweet them. They do not want more followers, they need more engagement. If they are looking to scale, are they focusing on increasing profits this year or on investing in the right infrastructure? If you know that you will know if during the interview you need to focus on your abilities to find more business deals or your ability to think strategically in terms of investment. Both qualities are good, but only one can get you a job.

What kind of people work in the company?

Culture. What is their culture? Is it a company that works with international markets? Then they might value people who have lived abroad or love to travel. Tell them about your Erasmus years or that job/internship you had in China (unless you are Chinese, then tell them about Paris). Is it a family owned business? Maybe they value more people who have decided to take on the responsibility to become parents. Are you too young for that? Not a problem as long as you are looking forward to have children when you find the right person.

Call to action – how to get a job that you love

This is a simple one.

  1. Whenever you meet with your friends ask them those questions during the conversation. Practice them till they become second nature.
  2. When you meet with the people from the companies you are flirting with ask them the same questions and make sure you write down the answers
  3. When you have an interview and they ask you if you have questions, tell them you have 5. Extra points if you ask in the beginning of the interview since that will help you knowing were to focus on. Check a great tip locked below on how to make the most out of that situation.
  4. Google the company and try to figure out if you can answer those five questions alone. The more you do it the better you will get but your guesses would never, ever, ever be better than the real information coming from the experience of a person working there.

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If you asked your 5 questions in the beginning of the interview, make sure when you answer questions to start with:

As you mentioned, “whatever they mentioned” is important for you. For that reason I believe that my experience in “that relevant field” is relevant.

Then continue with a story that showcases the situation and how you dealt with it. For more tips on that check How to get a job by keeping the recruiter’s attention. It will give you the 6 things every good story should have to keep their interest.


“As you mentioned, you are currently struggling with the speed that the homeowners that you work with are responding to the potential clients you send to them. Some of them do not answer, some of them answer after weeks and you cannot make good commissions since the customers have already bought a house from another person. That is important for you. For that reason I believe that my experience in building relations with people is relevant. When I was in Paris working with Real Estate agencies I…..”

If you are wondering why I said “Paris” you need to check How to get a job by answering one simple question about the interviewer.

When you google a company there are some things that you can find easier, like what is the current stage or their vision statement. But their struggles and the way they measure success is not usually available. They need to brand themselves so they don’t want to talk about their weaknesses. For that reason, if you only have 10-15 minutes to talk with someone, focus on answering those questions and figure out a way to answer the others alone. [/sociallocker]

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This article is part of the book:

Landing your dream job: No CVs. No Cover Letters.

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